How To Save Tomato Seeds For Next Years Garden

Here’s a simple step by step guide with pictures how to save some of your tomato seeds.

This year I grew some Brandywine heirloom tomatoes. I believe they were the best tasting I’ve ever grown so far. They were ridiculously delicious!

So, I’m going to grow some more next year. Why give up a good thing? If it’s not broke – don’t fix it!

It’s really easy to save tomato seeds. Although you do have to follow just a few particular steps to successfully save those seeds so they grow again next year.

Choose a Good Looking Tomato

What is the best tomato for saving seeds? It’s smart to use an especially healthy and good looking tomato. Those seeds inside will be more likely to grow into your best plants. I picked a large, plump, yummy-looking mater.

Scoop Out The Tomato Seeds Goop

Cut the tomato and spoon out those seeds. You don’t need “tons” unless you’re going to grow “tons” of tomatoes! There are a LOT of seeds inside a given tomato.

Ferment In A Canning Jar

Or any container. Add some water to the jar. Dump in your seed goop. Let stand for 5 – 7 days, more or less… What you want happening is a fuzzy (kinda nasty) growth development in that jar. It took mine 7 days. Your environmental conditions (temp and humidity) will affect how long it takes.

Why do we need to do this? Because the process will enable you to get the goop (which surrounds the seeds) OFF. Otherwise these seeds may not sprout properly.

Here’s how it looked after seven days:

Dump the Nasty Fermented Seed Goop In Strainer

Simply dump it out into a strainer. Strain the seeds with water. I used cool water. It will help to gently brush around the seeds with your fingers to assist in Goop-be-Gone…

Dry Tomato Seeds on Paper Towel

Then dump the seeds onto a paper towel on a plate. Let it dry out for a few days. Some of the seeds were still stuck together afterwards, but I just picked at them to get it apart.

Store Seeds In An Envelope

Put the seeds into a paper envelop. Label and date. Done!!

Although it’s end of October as of this post, just for grins I planted a few of my seeds. I know that it’s really not going to work (winter is coming), but just for fun I’ll see what they do indoors. I do have some plant lights…

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