How To Make Christmas Paper Flowers

The use of fresh flowers in home décor is an easy way to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for parties and family gatherings. This is especially true during the holiday season, when many people purchase poinsettias and other festive blooming plants.

Though beautiful, live plants and fresh cut flowers can be expensive, and may not last as long as desired. Why not create Christmas paper flowers instead? Learning how to make Christmas flowers can be fun and still enhance the atmosphere of any celebration.

How to Make Christmas Flowers

The creation of flowers, such as poinsettias, out of paper is an interesting way to curate spaces during the holidays. In addition to serving an accent to home décor, flowers like DIY paper poinsettias are an excellent way to involve the entire family.

Though paper poinsettia crafts can range greatly in difficulty, simple patterns found online are an ideal project to make with children, both young and old.

When making poinsettias out of paper, choose the material. While most DIY paper poinsettias are made from heavyweight colored paper, lighter papers or fabrics can also be used. This will determine the overall look and structure of the flower created.

Selected pattern will also dictate the design of the paper poinsettia craft. While some plans call for folded, sharp creases in the paper, others implement the use of multiple layers bound together with some form of adhesive.

Those wishing to make Christmas paper flowers are often concerned that their designs may feel flat or one dimensional. Though made of paper, poinsettia crafts can also be embellished to make them stand out among other decorative items. Among the most popular additions to paper poinsettia crafts are center embellishments, glitter, and even acrylic paint. Adding detail to leaves, bracts, and other flower parts is a great way to ensure that paper poinsettias look their best.

Options for display of paper poinsettia flowers include mounting to walls, positioning within the tablescape, as well as arrangement in decorative planters or vases. Whether a one-time project or yearly family tradition, learning how to make Christmas paper flowers is sure to add a unique touch to the home.


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