How To Home Can Carrots From Your Garden

I grew some carrots in the garden this year. I planted them around the inside perimeter of one particular garden bed which happened to have some tomato plants growing.

Did you know that carrots love tomatoes and tomatoes love carrots? It’s true!

My carrots did great! (So did my tomatoes).

We had an early frost, like we always do around here during early September. However I was able to save the carrots (and my other garden bed plants) with blankets. A few weeks later, more frost, night after night. That zapped my tomatoes and peppers. However the carrots kept going! Resilient little buggers…

More than a month later, yesterday, we decided to harvest:

They sure looked good. Size varied from 4 – 7 inches and most of them were pretty fat. They all weighed in at 20 pounds. Not bad for a 4×8 bed perimeter…

I pulled them out, snapped off the carrot top greenery, and (almost) filled a 5 gallon bucket.

I sunk a garden hose in the bucket and rinsed / swooshed out the dirt. Dumped and rinsed again till clean enough for the next step.

Next we cut the ends and peeled the carrots. Between Mrs.J and I we made pretty quick work of it…

Next step, Rinse Again.

After that, it was time to slice. That was my job. It took awhile, but that’s okay. It’s worth it…

You’ll notice the glove on my left hand. That’s a cut-resistant glove. And let me tell you something, I know for a fact that it saved a finger cut one time during the process! These gloves are good safety especially when slicing a lot of dense slippery round carrots!

Cut Resistant Gloves
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I don’t have any more pictures. But here are the rest of the steps to pressure can carrots at home:

  • I clean and preheat my jars using dishwasher 30 min. cycle
  • Fill hot jars with carrots (I used pints), leaving 1 inch headspace
  • Add boiling water to each jar leaving 1 inch headspace
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • Apply lid, ring, and tighten snug
  • Pressure canner prep with the usual amount of water on bottom (apprx. 2 inches), apply high heat
  • Fill ‘er up with your jars
  • Process at 11 psi for 25 minutes (altitude adjustments apply, depending…)

After the cooling process, jars are removed and cool enough to handle… I remove the rings to rinse the threads and jar of residual juice that may be present from processing. After they’re dry, I screw the rings back on loosely.

My 20 pounds of carrots resulted in 29 processed pints.

Delicious homegrown carrots for the winter!!

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Carrots Love Tomatoes
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