Home Made ACE Bandages Crochet Or Knit Pattern DIY Project

How to make homemade ace bandages. Crochet or knit these bandages and you will have them when you need them. These bandages will serve more purpose than ace bandages as they will work with poultice and such and let the wound breathe.

They will also last a long time and could be made in times when medical supplies really are not available. They can be washed, or even boiled and reused. The Prepared Homemaker shares patterns for both crochet and knit.

Knitted bandage

Size: approximately 3″ – 4″  inches wide by 4 feet long.
Material specifications: No. 10 knit Cro-sheen, 100% mercerized cotton in white, cream or ecru.
(1 small ball 225 yds- should make 1 knitted bandage)
Knitting needles:
US 2 = 2.75 mm = UK size 12
US size 3 = 3.25 mm = UK size 10

Crochet hooks:
US size D = 3.00 mm = UK size 11
US size E = 3.50 mm = UK size 9

Do not use dyes/colors.
*When completed, roll bandages and secure with a large (2″) safety pin.



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