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Garden dream board time! Strap in – we’re going ALL IN on the flower gardens today. Also included: my favorite tried & true cottage gardening books, how I layer my garden, and where I get all my flowers, seeds, and tubers.

(DEAL ALERT: If you want to get it on the penny bottle I mention in the video, the one from my favorite all-natural wine importer, you can do that right here:

If you’d like to view more gardening posts of mine while you wait for the snow to melt (here in Central Washington… I’m not expecting that to really be before the end of February…hence the living vicariously through my garden dream board), you can do that right here.

And for a bit more fodder to chew on, here are a few photographs from last year’s perennial beds. Sigh. Fear not my dreams – once again, there will be sunshine!


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