Frozen Vacuum Sealed Meat – How Long Is Storage Life In The Freezer

This is a question for you as well as my own experience. I can say this, it makes a HUGE difference for meat in the freezer – using a vacuum sealer machine (e.g. FoodSaver or other similar).

I used to use Ziploc type bags. I would burp the air out as best I could. But after awhile they would always begin to get some freezer burn. Frosty. This is not good for the meat.

But you know what? For the low cost of vacuum seal bags (compared to the price of meat), wow, when it has been vacuum sealed – it looks as good as it went in the bag – even a year or more later!

Great meat color – still looks the same. Texture is just as good. And the taste? Yummy.

I’m curious to hear from you who have also used vacuum sealers for meat – and what’s the longest time in the freezer when you thawed and consumed that meat? How was it?

When I buy steaks for the chest freezer, there’s not even a second thought… the vacuum sealer machine comes out – and the bags. After they’re sealed, I mark the top edge of the sealed bag with a black Sharpie. The cut of meat / Month / Year. Then into the deep freeze they go…

I love taking advantage of Sale Prices this way for something that I like to eat.

We buy our vacuum seal bags in bulk. Way cheaper that way. Pint, Quart, and Gallon size.

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Just the other day I came across this old FoodSaver manual. I scanned the page that lists the food type and storage life (normal storage, or in vacuum sealed bags). I’ll copy it here for your interest:

How does the storage life chart compare with your own experience?

Doesn’t this steak look good?!

Storage Life of Vacuum Sealed Meat

FoodSaver says,

Beef, Pork, Poultry, Lamb (2 – 3 years)

Ground meat (1 year)

Fish (2 years)

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Freezer Temperature Is Important Too

For best results for longer storage life, use a chest freezer. They get colder. Mine cycle between 0 (F) and -10 (F). I could adjust it colder, or warmer, but that seems to work out well.

How Vacuum Seal Bags Work

The design of FoodSaver (vacuum seal) Bags and Rolls has special channels that enable the efficient and complete removal of air.

The construction makes them an especially effective barrier to oxygen and moisture, preventing freezer burn. Bags and Rolls come in a variety of sizes.

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