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Having a month supply of food storage is simpler than you might think.  It’s known as a Food Storage Starter Kit.  In one box (19 x 13 x 7.5) could feed one person, 3 meals a day, for one month. The 6 cans are a bit bigger than a typical can and are called #10 cans.  In each can is a basic food staple that has been dehydrated or freeze-dried. This food storage will not create gourmet meals but they will provide vital substance in times of hardship. The starter kit can be used just as the name suggests, to start building your food storage pantry.  It can also be used like insurance just in case you may one day need it.

Food Storage Starter Kit

Food Storage Starter Kit

Food Staple Starter Kits Should:

-contain food that lasts 20+ years so you don’t need to replace it every two to five years like most canned goods.  This is possible because the food is dehydrated or freeze-dried and sealed.

-take up a small amount of space.

-be affordable. Less than $.76 -$1.50 per serving is ideal for food that will last for 20+ years.

Best Canned Goods for a Food Storage Starter Kit

Best Canned Goods for Starting Food Storage – Starter Kit

A basic LDS food storage starter kit has: 3 cans of flour, oats, rice, and beans.

Below is a list of items commonly found in food storage starter kits because they are the best. They can greatly diversify the range of meals that can be made with food storage. For example with tomato powder I can make tomato soup, mexican rice, pasta sauce, etc.

These canned goods range from 21 to 51 servings per can. The top six items in my starter kit are oats for breakfast (oatmeal); potato flakes & corn for lunch (chowder soup & shepherd pie); then rice, beans, flour for dinner (survival bread, stew, or a burrito). There are other options that may be a better fit for you.

There are several companies that make long-term food storage meals. These premade meals are popular because of convenience and taste. They also take up less space and reduce the dishes needed for prepping a meal. It costs more than basic food storage staples but is far more appetizing.

Legacy Food Storage

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