Fall Farm Fashion / My outfits for this season!

Good news, friends. I’m sorting out my fashion identity crisis! I know, I know. That’s very important to the state of the world. But when I shared my inner fashion turmoil with you a few weeks ago, the response was epic. That tells me I’m not alone and that many of you are in the same position. What’s a woman to wear while she romps around the farm, homeschools kids, cooks up a storm in the kitchen, and seizes the day? Well, here’s my fall farm fashion for you – my outfits for the season!

But first, an update…

First up, a few updates on the last fashion identity crisis post:

  • My custom linen dresses are phenomenal, though I fear are the complete wrong “shape” for what style I’ve landed on through all of this. I find myself most comfortable in items that are slimming to the top, tight on the waist, and a bit larger or flowy on the bottom. I do love these dresses, though I’ll probably not be wearing them as much as I originally had planned. They haven’t felt quite “right” yet.
  • Thank you for helping me decided what to do about my hair. I ended up taking out as much color as I could and getting it back to as natural of a tone as possible. The plan now is to just let it grow out in all it’s natural glory and enjoy it for what it is! Which is dirty blond. (Actually, let’s call it dark honey blond because that sounds prettier). Truth be told, I’m excited for it to grow out and be it’s natural, healthy self. Live free, my poor color-damaged hair! A great life awaits you!

Here’s what the hair ended up looking like:

Okay. Back to fall farm fashion.

It’s worth noting, we live on a working farm. I milk a cow, feed animals, and am outdoors everyday (thought, full disclosure, I often do it in my pajamas. I know. The horror.)

But the thing is, I roll out of bed, cry and beg for Stu to make me coffee, and then head out to milk Cece before the sun is even up. I enjoy staying in my flannel pajamas for that wee bit longer. The fall farm fashion outfits that I’m showing you are what I wear around the house while I’m cleaning, homeschooling, cooking, hosting dinners, etc. The only exception are the heels, which are for special occasions or church. (Because a girl has to have at least a few tricks up her sleeve, am-I-right?).

And yes, I wear skirts often – probably around 50% of the time – because I find them very comfortable and feminine. I love the way I feel in a skirt.

(Anyone else? Beuhler?)

Some of the pieces photographed are pieces I had in my closet already – though all of these outfits were connected with a few second-hand pieces from Poshmark.

I love second hand clothing, I love saving some money on buying used, and I love having pieces that all fit together.

Let’s do this thing!

My Fall Farm Fashion Outfits:

As you can see, I tend to gravitate towards fairly neutral colors. Black is a big one for me – I just feel good in it! I do love color though and shoes is the perfect way to pop that in. These red flats I got from Stitchfix years ago.

The wool skirt was from an antique store and was homemade by someone back in the 60’s (based on the tag she sewed in). It’s fabulous and looks great with or without leggings underneath.

And these wide leg Levis. SWOON! I need to get them tailored (they’re a bit too big in the thigh for me and just a touch too long). But the high waist drives me wild! (Drives Stu wild too. TMI?)

Like with all the other pieces, the YSL dress looks great with or without leggings and could easily be dressed up for a hot-date with a strand of pearls and some nice earrings. (Hot date? Do people get to have those still?). The Sam Edelman pumps were a Poshmark find and they’re quite uncomfortable but positively fabulous. I would absolutely wear them for a special occasion – life’s too short to always be comfortable anyway.

Of Nordic blood, I have quite a strong affinity for fisherman’s sweaters. These are both second hand sweaters that I snagged off Poshmark for less than $10 a piece. I’d prefer them with a dark skinny jean, but I got paint on my pair, and thus am I’m still waiting for the new ones to arrive. Sweaters, jeans, and wellies is about as comfortable as it gets for days when there are farm chores to be done.

This is the season for turtlenecks and I’m all about this red and white stripped J.Crew version. It’s very soft and would easily fit under a sweater, but is certainly pretty enough to wear on its own. It’s happy with skirts or jeans, fancy shoes or my well-loved Sabah flats.

See? Doesn’t it look cute with those nude pumps? Wide leg jeans and heels are simply made for each other. The look is so polished! I love that I can romp around the house in any of these outfits and just slap on some lipstick and change out the shoes for a dinner party.

And can we talk about this plaid skirt? Look. At. It.

I’ll probably just live in it until March.

And lastly, because you can’t take the farm out of the farmgirl…

I couldn’t not show flannel. I’ve got three that I rotate through often – sometimes I wear them with skirts, sometimes with jeans, and if I’m just lounging around the house – sometimes just with wool-lined leggings.

That’s it. I know. You’ve now wasted ten minutes of your life that you’ll never get back going through my fall closet with me. Aren’t you glad?!

I’m glad.

It’s good to know you’re not alone.

Tell me what you’re wearing for fall farm fashion in the comments!


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