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I hope you love this easy fermented hot sauce recipe. It’s such an easy and fun (and tasty) project to do with an abundance of hot peppers. I can’t even remember planting this many hot peppers. WHY WOULD I PLANT THIS MAN HOT PEPPERS? Who’s in charge of this garden anyway!

For each chili I pick, two chilis grow in it’s place… I swear! Or maybe it’s the no-dig method that we’re utilizing this year (lots more on that over on YouTube if you’re interested). I planted these peppers with a handful of blood meal and a handful of bone meal with each plant and they EXPLODED. I suppose that little bit of extra effort paid off. If you haven’t yet, subscribe to our YouTube channel, won’t you?

Okay. Back to the hot sauce.

Easy Fermented Hot Sauce:

  1. Fill a gallon jar with as many hot peppers as you can squish in.
  2. Cover with filtered water.
  3. Add in 3 tablespoon of sea salt.
  4. Put a lid on and ferment in a warm location for 7-10 days. The liquid will go cloudy and it will develop a pleasant, fermented smell.
  5. Strain the liquid from the peppers (reserve).
  6. Blend the peppers in a high powered blender with any blend of seasonings you’d like. In the video, I use onions, garlic, cilantro, and vinegar.
  7. Season to taste and add some of the reserved fermentation liquid, if desired, to get your hot sauce the consistency you like it.
  8. Bottle and store in a cool location. The sauce will continue to ferment as time goes on, so be aware of that, and burp the bottles every so often if need be.

Some like it hot. I do! Enjoy!


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