Duct Tape 911: Could You Tape Yourself Together in an Emergency?

When I first heard about this book, my first reaction was who would ever tape themselves together? Then I remembered… oh yeah, my brother has done just that!

When he was a teenager, he went hunting with his friend (another responsible teenager – yeah right) and he wound up in a 4-wheeler accident. The nearest town was 2 hours away, so instead of ruining his hunting trip, his friend patched him up with duct-tape and back they went to shooting pigs and filling deer feeders.

Duct Tape 911: Could You Tape Yourself Together in an Emergency? Find out how! #ducttape #preparedness #medical

I guess I have to cut my brother some slack, because even though he never read Duct Tape 911 (since it wasn’t around then), he actually did a modified version of what Dr. Hubbard recommends.

Not only that, but Dr. Hubbard even mentions that doctors like to use tape on face cuts more than anywhere else because they usually heal pretty fast, and you don’t get railroad-track scars that stitches sometimes leave.

First off, before taking any medical advice, be smart and use your head.

Use of the information in this book is AT YOUR OWN RISK, intended solely for self-help, in times of emergency, when medical help is not available, and does not create a doctor-patient relationship. DO NOT USE THIS INSTEAD OF SEEKING QUALIFIED MEDICAL PERSONNEL. – Dr. Hubbard

Ok, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get on to the good stuff!

Dr. Hubbard lays out the book by first mentioning why he likes duct tape – versatile, strong, easy to tear, easy to shape, sticky, & waterproof.  Then he has 5 sections on the different ways to use the tape in medical emergencies.

  • Tape Your Joints

  • Tape Your Skin

  • Tape Your Eyes

  • Tape Your Clothes

  • Tape Your Life

I really like the simplicity he used when explaining things. His illustrations are very useful in detailing exactly where to tape (or not to tape) so anyone can follow along and do it! Let’s face it, when there’s an emergency situation simplicity is a must!

He covered how to use duct tape for things I’ve never thought of before – like removing rings, warts, & cactus-spine. He also discussed ways you can use duct-tape to save a life by making a tourniquet, your own bandages, or even a CPR mouth barrier to protect yourself.

Some of my favorite things I never would have dreamed-up to make with duct tape were – a waterproof bag, sunglasses, and insect/snake-resistant pants.

I realized I’ve actually used one of his methods before to keep my shoes from falling off during a mud race.

Duct Tape Shoes

The only thing my husband mentioned when he was reading over my shoulder, was to make sure to shave the area first! Otherwise, it might be more painful taking the duct tape off than the original injury (according to him).

I’m going to try and get our family together one night and practice making some of the things he mentioned. My kids love tape and playing doctor, so this should be fun! Plus, I really want to try out these duct tape glasses 🙂

Duct Tape 911: Could You Tape Yourself Together in an Emergency? Find out how! #ducttape #preparedness #medical

I loved that the book got right down to the point.  Dr. Hubbard isn’t boring you with pages and pages of wordy monologues –  instead, he tells you what you need to know and then moves on to the next topic.

This book  has inspired me to put duct tape (and a razor) in each of our 72 hours kits & first aid kit along with a copy of the book. These techniques aren’t just for emergency situations either, but can come in handy now and maybe even save me a few trips to the doctor.

I definitely recommend adding Duct Tape 911 for your emergency preparedness library This also makes for a fun and unique gift idea – at least I know I’ll be giving a copy to my brother for his birthday this year, along with a few rolls of duct tape  😉

Duct Tape 911: Could You Tape Yourself Together in an Emergency? Find out how! #ducttape #preparedness #medical

So I want to hear what you think! Have you ever had to tape yourself back together in an emergency?

James Hubbard - The Survival DoctorDr. James Hubbard, with over 30 years as a family doctor, uses his experience to help teach others how to survive when they can’t find professional medical help. He is also the author of Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid and the e-books The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Burns and The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Wounds. Get the latest news and information about Dr. Hubbard on his website

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