Discord Bans WallStreet Bets Server proving yet again the system is Rigged!

Until now, the easiest way to be banned on social media was to declare your support for Donald Trump or openly admit you are a conservative. Now, simply wanting to make money is enough.

Today, Wall Street collectively freaked out after some nerds on the internet seemingly figured out how to do Wall Street better than a bunch of Assholes who graduated from Harvard.

Listen to the fuckwads at CNBC losing their shit over the average man figuring out how to make money in the stock market!

Regular people making money in the stock market was just too much for Wall Street and the Federal Government who is now looking to shut down retail day traders. As of this evening, the tech giants have conspired with the largest US hedge funds, and according to The Verge, got Discord to ban the server of the r/WallStreetBets subreddit.

TD Ameritrade actually restricted their own users from trading GameStop, AMC stock and stocks mentioned on Reddit after Billionaire Hedge Funds who were attempting to bankrupt these companies felt the wrath of the regular man today!

And like usual, they are blaming racism and hate speech. In fact, they claim they shut it down for “hate speech, glorifying violence, and spreading misinformation” — in reality the whole system is rigged, they want you poor and dumb!!! Funny how the server didn’t get shut down though until they beat wall street at its own game!

Dave Portnoy vowed revenge for the downing of the portal.


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