Dip Can Survival Kit: Why, How To, 8 Items to Include

I am not one to let a good container go to waste and surprisingly a dip can be used to create a very small, pocket survival kit

A dip can is water-resistant, provides a semi-hard container for protecting the contents, is lightweight and extremely compact. 

An all-purpose kit can be made but given its small size, I have found that a dip can is better used for creating a specialized kit. This type of kit will have a few critically important items that help in accomplishing a certain task. 

The size of a dip can lends itself well to being used as either a fire-making kit or a fishing kit, which are two of my favorite types of small kits to create.  

Getting Started 

Once the can is empty, the first thing you will want to do is thoroughly wash it out with dish soap and water, then allow it to dry. 

You do not want to put items into the can without rinsing it out. The residue left behind from the tobacco could have an adverse effect on the items being stored within.

Building a Dip Can Fire Making Kit

The two main items to put into this kit will be a tool to use as an ignition source and fire tinder. I will break down those two categories and offer several options for items that will fit into a dip can.  

Ignition Source

Mini Bic Lighter

For the ignition source, there are several great tools that are small enough to fit inside this container.

The first, is a mini Bic lighter which not only fits but offers and instant flame with minimum effort involved. I have found that the lighter fits better if it is placed in the middle of the container first with the fire tinder packed around it.   

The next option is wood matches. I prefer stormproof matches over regular wood matches, but they are bulky. 

To get around this I simply cut away a small portion of the wood handle. I was able to easily fit 7 stormproof matches in the can though I estimate double that amount could fit while still allowing room for tinder.  

When using matches, I like to adhere several striker strips to the underside of the lid. This will help to keep the striker surface dry as well as provide a hard surface for striking the match head. The striker strips can either be glued or simply taped to the underside of the lid. 


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