Decorating the kitchen for autumn.

Decorating the kitchen for autumn doesn’t take much. You’ll see this in the video, but this season, I’m relying on some Virginia Creeper (or Creeping Virginia) vine that I pulled off the back of the house, some new gingham curtains and sink skirt (a la Hobby Lobby fabric), a bit of cleaning, a bit of firewood stacking, and a bit of dressing up the tables and stove.

Like I shared with you a few weeks ago, I’ve been laboring so hard in my kitchen to really give it my best so that it, in turn, can serve my family in the best way. Giving it this little bit of a seasonal boost made it all the more enjoyable.

I hope decorating the kitchen for autumn inspires to you bless your kitchen for the season as well! I’d love to hear in the comments how you transform your kitchen for Autumn…

Madame Lacanche ready for what the season brings.
Not a victim of my kitchen | The Elliott Homestead (.com)
The view from the door looking into the seasonal kitchen.
Not a victim of my kitchen | The Elliott Homestead (.com)


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