Concealed Blade – 6 Places to Conceal a Knife

My favorite fictional heroes carried knives. When villains appeared and the need arose concealed blades would, as if by magic, materialize into the hero’s hands. Depending on the threat, a survival knife would make it into the heart or hand of the villain with expert precision. As a child, I was a big fan of these heroes and their concealed badass ways to handle trouble. I wanted to be just like them when I grew up.

It was an epic day when my dad brought home a set of throwing knives someone gave him. My brother, sister, neighbor, and I were so excited to be blade masters. We made bulls-eye targets out of hay bales, pallets, and boxes. The blade of the knife was a little longer than my eight-year-old hand. They hadn’t been sharpened, so we had to throw them pretty hard to get the blade to sink into the targets. If the knife was not thrown hard enough it would bounce off the target which was definitely not very cool or satisfying. I realized that many hours of practice would be needed before I could become a knife-wielding hero. It also occurred to me that I had no idea where to hide blades for quick and easy access. Since then, I pay close attention to when an author mentions where the hero was concealing their knife. Below are 6 of the most common places where a concealed blade would be found. Each illustration has a link to Amazon for more photo examples.



1. Up a Sleeve – Arm Wrap

Where to Hide Blades - Arm Sheath - 6 Common Places to Conceal a Knife - Forearm Blade - concealed blade

If you would like to see photos of a forearm knife visit Jagears Knives.



2. Belt Sheath

Where to Hide Blades - Horizontal Belt Sheath - 6 Common Places to Conceal a Knife - concealed blade


Visit Knife Path if you would like to learn more a concealed blade.


3. Weaved into Shoelaces

Where to Hide Blades - Shoelace Sheath - 6 Common Places to Conceal Knives - concealed blade

For tips on how to attach a knife to a boot visit Dave’s Homestead.


4. Boot Clip or Ankle Wrap

Where to Hide Blades - Boot Clip - concealed blade
A boot knife (is also called a gambler’s dagger) is an incredible tool for those who are police officers, soldiers, hunters, etc that want a concealed blade. It also is a self – defense tool for hunting, camping, and other situations… continue reading at Shooting Mystery.


5. Neck Knife Concealed Blade

knife necklace self defense

Neck knives were commonplace with Native Americans and Vikings. To learn about the pros and cons of neck knives visit Top Survival Weapons.


6. Shoulder Sheath

Where to Hide Blades - Shoulder Sheath

X4CTO made a video on how to quickly make a knife harness out of paracord.

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Where to Hide Blades - Shoulder Sheath - 6 Common Places to Conceal a Knife - concealed blade

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