Cold Steel Rifleman’s Tomahawk vs CRKT Kangee: Head to Head

Tomahawks were and are still sought after as a lightweight multipurpose outdoor tool. 

Their small size makes them ideal for being carried in the hand, on a beltline, or attached to a pack. 

They work well for chopping, digging, processing game, processing wood, hammering, scraping, can be thrown, and work well as a personal weapon.  

In this article I will compare two tomahawks from two well-known knife companies: the Rifleman’s Tomahawk by Cold Steel vs. the Kangee by CRKT. 

Does one of the hawks stand above the other? Let’s find out together by first taking a look at the Rifleman’s Tomahawk.

Cold Steel Rifleman’s Tomahawk Specifications


The head of the tomahawk is made from 5150 carbon steel



The cutting edge is 3 ½” and with a hammerhead on the back. 

The American Hickory handle is 22” long 


The Rifleman weighs in at 1lb 10oz. 

First Impression 

Upon unboxing this tomahawk there is a sticker right across the metal head that says, “American Tomahawk Company.”

I feel that I need to address this because it has drawn many complaints from customers who do not think they are getting a Cold Steel product. 

Part of the confusion lies in that there is another company called “American Tomahawk Company.”

These two companies are not affiliated with one another, and the American Tomahawk Company sticker is used by Cold Steel on their tomahawks.

The Finish 

I have been a Cold Steel customer for years and I have been very happy with every purchase I have made. Having said that, I cannot believe what arrived in the mail.

To be fair, I did not purchase the Rifleman directly from Cold Steel but a dealer. 

I am all for chopping heads that have some character to them after years of use but when I pulled the Rifleman’s Tomahawk from the box I couldn’t believe I was holding a Cold Steel product.  

The metal head was heavily pitted and scratched, the finish was coming off and peeling, the cutting edge was dull and there was surface rust throughout the head!

These are primarily aesthetic issues that did not have any effect on the operation of the tomahawk, but I still felt like I needed to address this nonetheless.

During normal times I would have sent this back but given that shipping times nowadays are anyone’s guess, I decided to keep the tomahawk and fix these issues myself.


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