Cold Steel Boot Knife Review: Hands-On With Pictures

Cold Steel knives are among my favorites. To some people, they may not be the most aesthetically pleasing and I am all for a beautifully crafted knife. But functionality and durability trumps appearances.

And Cold Steel Knives are tough as nails!

For this article, I wanted to try out a knife that was not your typical outdoor survival knife, but a survival knife, nonetheless.

Recently I tested the Cold Steel Drop Forged Boot Knife. Doesn’t the name just sound cool?

Anyway, a boot knife is just like it sounds. A knife carried in a boot that is used more for self-defense purposes rather than whittling sticks in the woods. 

So, without further ado is here are my thoughts on this very interesting and affordable knife.

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Cold Steel Drop Forged Knife Specifications


The boot knife measure in with a 5” blade, a 4” handle, and an overall length of 9.” 

The blade is 4.5mm thick and weighs in at only 6.4oz.


The entire knife is drop forged from 52100 high carbon steel. This means that the blade and the handle are created from one piece of continuous steel.


A Secure-Ex sheath and a Ulti-Clip made from 1075 spring steel are included and help to keep the knife readily available whether it is carried in a boot or on a belt.


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