Changes regarding the Weekly Preps Column

Hi everyone,

So Google is pushing some changes this fall that affect small publishers who want to monetize their content. They are tightening the grip what kind of information you post if you want to continue to make money from ads.

After some research, I realized that the weekly preps column could likely get my site and all the others in trouble with google – and not just TSB, but my other websites as well (as they will be sharing the same ads account in the near future).

Since I’m still far from recovering my initial investment with TSB, and since the earnings are pretty small, I wanted to check in with you guys if you’d like me to set up one of my old domains or a new domain to keep the Weekly Preps column going.

You would also have to write the coumn yourselves as it wouldn’t make much sense to continue paying my writers to do it, but that shouldn’t be hard to do. I can set some of you up with editor accounts and you can take turns when posting.

I can also try moving the current weekly preps articles from TSB to the new domain, but I’m unsure whether I can migrate the comments.

Let me know your thoughts and whether this is something you’d like me to set up.


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