But Out Bag Documents: 13 Most Important Papers to Include

When it comes to bug out bags everyone likes to talk about knives, fire starters, tarps, and every other piece of gear under the sun. All of that is an important gear to have but you may be overlooking one important item. And that is your documents

Many people store important documentations at home, in a safe, or a safety deposit box. 

But when the SHTF there may come a time when you cannot get home or access those documents wherever they may be.

This is why it would be a good idea to make copies of whatever documents you deem important and to put them in your bug out bag.

Now, I should start by saying that while these documents could come in handy during an emergency, having them all in one place such as a bag that could be easily stolen, does pose a security risk. It may be better to have copies available in a safe at home that are easily grabbed and put into a bag should you have to leave or split them up among family member bags.

But that decision is up to you. 

Here are some important documents you may want to make copies of to include with bugout supplies.

Tip: Remember to include not just yours but every member of your family or group.

Documents to Include in your Bug Out Bag

But Out Bag Documents
  1. Driver’s license or ID
  2. Proof of vehicle insurance 
  3. Vehicle registration 
  4. Vehicle title 
  5. Medical insurance 
  6. Medical cards that state any medical conditions and your blood type 
  7. Social security card 
  8. Marriage license 
  9. Birth certificate
  10. Any permits or licenses that pertain to firearm ownership
  11. Copies of professional licenses or certificates
  12. Last Will and Testament 
  13. Survival library: Reference material that relates to emergencies and being self-reliant

It would probably be best to keep photo IDs on your person at all times. That way if some of the documents become lost or stolen, you have a picture ID proving who you are.

Also, not that different bags have different document requirements. Read up on differences between a get home bag vs bug out bag vs INCH bag. Based on the type, the documents can be chosen accordingly.

Wrapping It Up

As I stated at the beginning of the article, having all of bug out bag documents in one place where others could easily access it can be a big risk. So, please be careful in what documents you decide to add and where they are at all times. 

But if you find yourself in a situation far from home and in need of proving a legal matter, documentation like those in the above list could prove valuable to have.  What other documentation do you think would be important to add to a bugout bag? Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and stay prepared!


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