Buck 102 Woodsman vs 105 Pathfinder: Head to Head Knives Comparison

Ah, Buck Knives. Classic, American made knives that deliver both quality and beauty. 

You really cannot go wrong with a Buck knife and below are two fine examples of this company’s craftsmanship. Here is a brief rundown of the 102 Woodsman and the 105 Pathfinder.

Buck 102 Woodsman Review

With a blade of 4” long and only weighing in at 2.5oz, this handy little knife should not be underestimated! 

420HC stainless steel and a clip point make the 102 an ideal choice for processing small game and fish.

The clip point provides more control when used for detail tasks or completing work in small or tight spaces. This type of point is not as strong as other designs, but it still works well in puncturing an array of materials. 

The knife is full tang, has a finger guard and choil.

All of this results in a knife that is sturdy, lightweight, easy to use, and beautifully crafted. 

Buck 105 Pathfinder Review

While similar in appearance to the Woodsman, the Pathfinder is a heavier duty knife that can be used for a variety of tasks. 

With a 5” blade, weighing in at 4.5oz, and a modified clip point, there is not much that this knife cannot handle in an outdoor setting. 

Additional features of the 105 are a full tang design, fingerguard, choil, and thumb ridges.

All of this results in a robust outdoor knife that any hunter, fisherman, or outdoor enthusiast would be lucky to carry.

At a Glance 

Below is a table that quickly compares the features of the Buck 102 and the Buck 105.

Features 102 Woodsman 105 Pathfinder
Blade Type Fixed Fixed
Blade Length 4” 5”
Overall Length 7 ¾” 9 1/8”
Blade Thickness 0.120” 0.120”
Weight 2.5oz 4.5oz
Tang Full Full
Blade Material 420 Stainless 420 Stainless
Blade Tip Clip Point Modified Clip
Handle Phenolic, black Phenolic, black
Country of Origin U.S.A U.S.A.

Wrapping It Up

At a glance, these two knives are incredibly similar, with the only major differences being their lengths and weight. 

On the surface, the 102 Woodsman would be well suited in the hands of someone completing light-duty outdoor tasks as well as processing fish and small game. 

While the 105 Pathfinder would be better suited in the hands of someone who wants a general, all-purpose outdoor knife. 

But in my experience, you really cannot go wrong with either choice because Buck knives always deliver. 

Do you have any experience with these two great Buck knives? Sound off in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and stay sharp! 


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