BLM Looting, Anarchy, Assaults and Shootings in Chicago Overnight

BLM terrorists took to the streets last night in Chicago and spread chaos and destruction throughout the city.

Hundreds of businesses, already suffering from the democrat socialist mayor’s Coronavirus shutdown orders, where completely destroyed as unhinged criminals used their usually fake rally cry of stopping racism as an excuse to commit crimes and destroy the American way of life.

So what was the Socialist mayor of Chicago doing as her city descended into complete anarchy yet again?

She was of course busy lecturing white people for being “racist”, harassing businesses who dared try to make money during a “pandemic”, attempting to quarantine tourists and shame the public into wearing government compliance masks, and throwing temper tantrums over people enjoying the outdoors – she then ordered police to barricade beaches!

Notice, nowhere in there did I say she attempted to stop BLM from destroying the city and targeting business owners for extinction! Remember, this is the same mayor who had no problem threatening working-class people with arrest for violating her bullshit coronavirus stay-at-home orders.

This is just the latest in a series of targeted BLM and Antifa attacks that have been ignored by the mainstream media. We cover some of them in our social unrest page and in the following articles:

Social Unrest is one of the Top Preparedness Threats You Face!

As I’ve pointed out in my bookThe Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World, and as we constantly warn our readers on OFFGRID Survival, these attacks are becoming an everyday occurrence in this country.

These are not isolated incidents, and they did not just start during the latest round of left-wing inspired rioting! We have been compiling a list of some of these attacks our social unrest page and in our story from earlier in the year about how these urban mob attacks happen on a daily basis.


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