Biden Admin Planning to Mandate Mask Wearing for At Least a Year!

Just like how 15 days to stop the spread became lockdown the country forever or until at least until the election was stolen, now, Biden’s 100 days of mask wearing looks like it just became wear your damn mask forever!

At a press conference earlier in the week, the illegitimate President of the United States, Joe Biden, told Americans that wearing masks as protection “through the next YEAR” will save countless lives.

‘You know that wearing this mask through the next year here can save lives, a significant number of lives,’ Biden said. ‘Masking is the easiest thing to do to save lives,’ he said. ‘We need everyone to mask-up. And by the way, I know it’s a pain in the neck, but it’s a patriotic responsibility, we’re in the middle of a war with this virus.’

These totalitarian assholes never intend on releasing their death grip on the world!

Earlier in the week, Biden administration officials told the Daily Beast that the US may not return to some semblance of normalcy until Thanksgiving 2021. That followed CDC recommendations to now wear TWO masks in public!

Remember, this was never about stopping the virus, all of that is a fairytale, this was about breaking your spirit and killing your soul! Be ready for what’s coming!!!


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