Best Survival/Outdoor Deals In November

I’ve taken a look at a few websites and found a few terrific deals that are worth taking a look at if you’ve wanted to up your survival game. 

These products are remarkable for those who hunt, hike remote trails, or even those who are prepping for a SHTF scenario. 

You’ll find various products such as food, water filters, military-style shovels, backpacks, and even survival kits. 

This list includes some of the best all-around products for building a solid survivalist footing with huge savings available. 

Best Deals On Amazon

Best Deals On 

Why Stock Up on Gear?

The Incredible Savings

I think we’ve all taken advantage of the typical sales at the local big box stores, but why take advantage of these deals online, particularly during this month? This is a great question. 

We’re always checking out the current deals of various websites, and when we see potential to take advantage of incredible savings, we have to share it. 

These savings are often passed onto us due to the release of new products by the company, which leads to a need to clear their stock out. 

This is great because the products that go on sale are almost always just as good as the new ones. Frequently, they even place new items on sale to get the word out.

Lots Of Useful Sales For Winter 

If you’re a prepper, you know that the most challenging time to experience a disaster is during winter. It’s cold and wet, which makes everything ten times harder.

This is why I think it’s vital to regularly check back here to see the updated sales so you’re able to stock up for the cold seasons. Plus, you’ll have more gear for hunting season.

You should also see If you’re low on food storage or need a few additions to your Survival Cache. 

If you find you’re low on stock or have none at all, then this is the perfect time to do so. Something like the cookware kit or fire starter would be an ideal buy for this very reason.

SHTF Preparedness 

The most devastating disaster that could happen to humanity is if SHTF. This doesn’t necessarily mean doomsday, either. There are plenty of various reasons to stock up for minor SHTF scenarios. 

Hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, significant earthquakes, or in the worst case scenario, all-out war calls for preparedness like no other. 

You don’t necessarily need a bunker to prepare for these events. A simple emergency kit or shovel could help save a life or dig a small underground shelter to keep yourself out of the elements.

What Kind of Gear to Stock Up On?

Food Rations

The first thing I started stocking as a prepper was food. I once experienced a Hurricane as a prepper, so I used some of my prepping caches to make the process much easier to deal with.

I had lighting, canned food that didn’t require cooking, and plenty of water, all without knowing it would hit me directly.

It certainly did, which is why yet again, I highly recommend stocking up on food. Whether it be a SHTF situation, a hurricane that makes travel temporarily impossible, or other disasters, stocking up on food is critical.

Survival Gear & Clothing

survival bag contents

This is such a broad spectrum type of topic to speak of, but it’s essential nonetheless. The first mention I’ll suggest is military-style foldable shovels. Shovels are a great survival tool because they have so many different kinds of uses.

Something that I think is critical for everyone to have is a water filter. These can be a lifesaver in certain situations, such as in natural disasters.

A rope is also another great purchase because of its many uses. It could be used to help build shelter, create a hammock, or even be used to create a makeshift tourniquet.

Rifle Scopes

If you’re a hunter, you’ve likely purchased a scope for your rifle at some point. Many are expensive, and rightfully so because they’re often made in a very meticulous fashion.

Nevertheless, Scopes often go on sale because most hunters have already purchased their scope, which means the scope manufacturers want to empty their shelves quickly.

This is great for us, though, because, during this time, some Scopes go down in price by as much as half. This is also the perfect time to buy one as a birthday gift for a friend or family member, even if you do not need a scope yourself.


If you’re like most people, you want to get the most for your money. This list should put you in an excellent position to start saving on survival gear for this time of the year.

Many of these items are sought after by Preppers and survivalists alike because of their many uses.

Even if you may not need the items on this list right now, you may need them in the future, so make sure to take advantage of these deals before they’re gone!


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