Best Rice for Prepping: Types, Why Stock, Common Questions

Did you know that rice is one of the most consumed foods around the world? 

Rice can be used as a main dish, side dish, or mixed directly into a lot of different recipes. Some cultures eat rice daily and sometimes it is even served with every meal. 

Like flour, beans, and other staple foods, rice has made its way into the prepper’s pantry as an item to stockpile for emergencies. 

But why is rice a popular food to have? And what is the best type of rice for preppers to have?

I’m going to break these two items down, starting with the benefits of storing rice. 

Why Rice Should be Stored

Personal preferences aside, rice is a great food item to store and have for several reasons. Here are just a few reasons why this simple food should be in every pantry.

  • Price. Rice is incredibly affordable. At the time this article was written the average retail price of rice was $0.71/lb. At that price, a 50-pound bag would cost $35.50. That is a lot of rice for the money. 
  • Shelf Life. Depending on the type of rice and how it is stored, it can last anywhere from 12 months to decades. 
  • Less is More. A little bit of rice goes a long way. A general rule of thumb is that uncooked rice will triple in amount when cooked. So, one cup of uncooked rice will produce roughly three cups of cooked rice. This means it does not take a lot of stored rice to feed several people.  
  • Neutral flavor. Generally speaking, rice by itself does not have any flavor to it. This is a great characteristic because it can be added to almost any recipe and it will take on the flavor of that dish. This makes rice a great supplement for bulking up meals. 

Types of Rice to Stockpile

While there are many kinds of rice I will be sticking with white rice and brown rice because they are the most widely used, and therefore the most popular and readily available.

White Rice

White rice is the most popular kind to eat. This is probably because it is the cheapest and has a long shelf life. 

White rice is also referred to as “polished rice” because the germ and bran have been removed from it, giving it a bright white appearance. 

This process strips away some of the nutrition from the grain but gives it much longer shelf life. When stored under proper conditions, white rice can last for decades. 

Brown Rice 

Brown rice derives its name from the grain’s color. The husk and bran are left on the grain which gives it a brown appearance. 

Additional nutrients are found in this outer brown layer which is why brown rice is often a better food option to consume.

However, brown rice does not come without a downside. 

Because there is more oil in this type of rice, the potential for brown rice to become rancid is higher. This gives brown rice a shelf life of roughly six months. 


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