Best Geiger Counter For Preppers

A Geiger counter / Radiation detector. Preppers are concerned about the possibility of nuclear radiation and contamination.

We are living in dangerous times. Many nation states have nuclear capabilities. We as preppers recognize and do our best to mitigate risks for our survival. Some risks are small, and more likely. Others are very big, though less likely.

With that said, one might consider the threat and potential reality of a nuclear detonation event (or worse). Nuclear proliferation among “enemy states”. It’s real. One never knows…

We also live in a world partially energized by nuclear power plants. Though historically very safe, accidents do happen. Also, many or most of these nuclear reactors are beyond their planned lifespan. There is risk. A grid-down disaster would put nuclear power plants at risk.

Should the unthinkable happen it will be advantageous to have a nuclear radiation detector (Geiger counter). Why? Because radiation is invisible. A radiation detector enables you to “see” whether or not you’re in danger.

I thought I would list several radiation detectors for those who might be interested. I have spent some time researching. I’ve settled upon the following list for your potential interest.

Features vary to an extent and you can dig into that for yourselves. When it comes to price, I have found that the detector itself (the part that actually collects / detects the radiation) makes a pretty big difference in performance (and price). It has to do with sensitivity, accuracy, measurement speed. Though even the lesser expensive units are still adequate to alert you of radiation.

GMC-300E Plus Radiation Detector

>> GMC-300E-Plus
(view on amzn)

UPDATE: >> New Model with Dosimeter

One economical nuclear radiation detector is the GMC-300E-Plus. It’s made by GQ Electronics LLC in Seattle, Washington.

– Detect and Measure β (Beta), γ (Gamma) and X-ray Radiation
– CPM, µSv/h, mRem/h
– data port
– mini USB port
– PC software

User Guide

They also host a live real time radiation map from users who are submitting radiation data from around the world:
Real Time Radiation Map

RADEX RD 1503+ Radiation Detector

RADEX RD 1503+ Radiation Detector

>> RADEX RD1503+ with Dosimeter
(view on amzn)

A good nuclear radiation detector for under $200. The RADEX RD1503+ made by Quarta-Rad, is manufactured in Russia and distributed worldwide including the U.S. through their U.S. facility.

– Detect and Measure β (Beta), γ (Gamma) and X-ray Radiation
– µSv/h, µRem/h
– Detection range: 0.05~9.99 µSv/h
– Unique Accumulative Dosage (dosimeter) in addition to real time
– Multi-threshold audio alarm with range from 0.10 to 0.90 µSv/h

RD1503+ Product Instructions

Quarta-Red also has a live worldwide real time radiation map:
Radiation Map from QuartaRad

RADEX 1212 Radiation Detector

RADEX RD 1212 Radiation Detector

>> RADEX RD1212
(view on amzn)

Another radiation detector / Geiger counter from Quarta-Rad. The RADEX RD1212. It costs a bit more than the previously mentioned model. However it also includes a USB PC connection and online software.

– Detect and Measure β (Beta), γ (Gamma) and X-ray Radiation
– µSv/h
– Detection range: 0.05~999.0 µSv/h
– PC connection
– Fast measurement cycle: only 10 sec.
– Audible Alarm

RD1212 Product Instructions

Mazur PRM-7000 Radiation Detector

Mazur Instruments PRM-7000
(view on amzn)

The company is based in Castle Rock, Colorado. Their radiation detectors are manufactured and Made in the USA. The company has a high reputation in this industry for their quality products.

The PRM-7000 radiation detector is part of their lineup (7000, 8000, 9000) and is more affordable than the rest.

– Detect and Measure β (Beta), γ (Gamma) and X-ray Radiation
– uR/hr, mR/hr, uSv/hr, CPS or CPM
– Detection range: 0.001 to 500 mR/hr (0.01 to 5,000 uSv/hr)
– Monitors Elapsed Time, Average, Minimum and Maximum Dose Rate
– Genuine detector tube, made in the US, by LND
– Audible Alert
– Data upload to PC

GCA-06W (Images SI Inc.) Radiation Detector

GCA-06w Professional Geiger Counter

>> GCA-06W
(view on amzn)

Images SI Inc. (Images Scientific Instruments) began making their radiation detectors in Staten Island, NY during 1982.

Their digital Geiger counters are NRC ready to be “NRC Certified” — meaning they are accurate enough to obtain certification.

– Detect and Measure α Alpha, β (Beta), γ (Gamma) and X-ray Radiation
– mR/hr, uSv/hr, mSv/hr, CPM, CPS
– Detection range: 0.001 mR/hr resolution / 1000 mR/hr; 0.01 uSv/hr resolution – 10 mSv/hr
– Each radioactive particle detected produces an audible click
– Graphing software available
– Data output, headphones output

Mazur Instruments PRM-9000 Radiation Detector

MAZUR PRM-9000 Radiation Detector

Mazur Instruments PRM-9000

While expensive compared to lesser models, the Mazur PRM-9000 is one of the best Geiger Counter Radiation Detectors available.

– Detect and Measure α Alpha, β (Beta), γ (Gamma) and X-ray Radiation
– uR/hr, mR/hr, uSv/hr, CPS or CPM
– Detection range: 0.001 to 125 mR/hr (0.01 to 1,250 uSv/hr)
– Monitors Elapsed Time, Average, Minimum and Maximum Dose Rate
– Each radioactive particle detected produces an audible click
– two-inch (50.8 mm) pancake Geiger detector tube – the ‘gold-standard’
– fast response time
– suitable for regulatory inspections
– LED, beeper and headphone jack
– internal data logging
– timed measurements
– dose rate alarm
– detects Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM)
– Battery life 2 years (9v alkaline) 4 years (9v lithium)
– measurements can be uploaded to a PC in CSV format for analysis
– PC/Mac USB data exchange

Radiation Dose Monitor (for wallet)

Radiation Dose Monitor

RAD Triage 50 Personal Radiation Dose Monitor for wallet or pocket
(view on amzn)

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