Best Coffee For Prepping: 3 Top Picks Reviewed, Coffee Types

With the large variety of food and drink products available, there are a few that are staple items in almost every pantry. 

Considering that coffee is still one of the most consumed beverages in the world, it is not surprising that it has found its way into the prepper’s pantry. 

Not only is coffee delicious but will prove to be a great bartering item during rough times.

But is all coffee the same and does it matter what kind you put in your pantry? These are but two questions that will be answered in the following article about prepping for coffee. 

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Tools Needed To Make Coffee

There are a few tools needed to brew the perfect cup of coffee and everyone has their preferred technique and equipment. 

But if you are using whole beans you will need a grinder of some kind to break those beans down.

After that, it is up to you what you use to heat the water, add in the grounds, and possibly filter the delectable brown nectar. 

Here is a small basic list of supplies to consider that can be used for coffee preservation as well as preparation.

  • Vacuum sealer
  • Mylar bags
  • Oxygen absorbers 
  • Dark colored jars
  • Bean grinder 
  • Measuring scoop
  • Frying pan or commercial roasting device
  • Filters
  • Container for heating water
  • A press 

Types of Coffee Preppers Can Store

There are generally three types of coffee that can be stored for prepping.

Whole beans, pre-ground, and instant coffee. 

All three are readily available at most stores that coffee is sold but which one you choose primarily depends on the desired shelf life and your personal stake in taste. 

Whole Bean 

Storing whole beans is going to require more storage space, and a grinder to process the beans. 

When storing green beans, a way of roasting them will be needed before brewing. 

There are commercial devices that can be bought that will roast coffee beans or they can be simply roasted in a frying pan, though this requires patience and practice.

But the upside is that whole beans will give the freshest, best tasting cup of coffee around.

Whole beans should only be processed as needed. This means only enough beans should be ground that will be used within the same day while keeping the rest of the beans sealed in their storage container. 

Whole beans will remain fresh between one to two weeks though they will stay “good” for much longer. 

Ground Coffee

This type of coffee is going to be the most readily available and most affordable as it can be found at almost every type of store that sells food products. 

Pre-Ground Coffee

Many pre-ground coffees have a best by date of one year but certainly still taste good even after this period when it has remained sealed in its container. 

This is the most common type of coffee that I drink, and I have found that it tastes the best if it is used within one to two weeks of opening. 

That being said, I have had unsealed containers (it still had a lid on it) of this type of coffee for several weeks and it still tastes perfectly fine to me up until the last scoop has been used. 

Unless you drink a lot of coffee regularly, I suggest purchasing small containers of this pre-ground coffee so that not too much of it goes “stale.”


This type of coffee is one of the most shelf stable coffees available. It can last for decades or longer when safely stored. 

Instant coffee is going to be one of the best prepper choices, not only because of its long shelf life but the ease of preparation. 

To enjoy a cup of instant coffee, all that is needed is a mug of hot water and a stirrer, that is it. 

Once the hot water is ready, simply stir in the desired amount of coffee and it dissolves right into the water. It does not get much easier than that. 

Check out the more detailed article about long-term coffee storage.

Best Coffee for Prepping: Top 3 Picks 

Franklin’s Best 

This is a freeze-dried coffee that I recently had the opportunity to test out and I was pleasantly surprised by it. 

If you are looking for a long shelf life, freeze-dried coffee is going to be one of the best options on the market. 

The coffee comes in a mylar bag that provides both an air and moisture barrier and when kept sealed in this package, it can stay good for a minimum of twenty years.

Franklin’s Best is very similar to instant coffee because it completely dissolves when it is added to a cup of hot water.

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Maxwell House

This one certainly is a personal choice as I have drunk this brand of coffee for years. But feel free to substitute your preferred brand of pre-ground coffee.

I like this brand because it tastes good, comes in different roasts, has an average price range, and can be found in almost any food store.

The most recent container I purchased had a best by date of roughly ten months out.

But from personal experience with this brand, I have tested several containers that were about six months past the best by date and the first few pots tasted just fine.

However, after opening, the freshness of these older containers did diminish quicker as I saw a difference in taste after one week.

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Iron Bean Coffee Co.

I recently found this brand of coffee and thus far I am very happy it with.

This is a pre-ground coffee that comes in a mylar pouch with an oxygen port on the back. After sealing, this port allows for excess oxygen to be pressed from the bag.

One thing that I like about this coffee is that it is made to order when it is purchased. The coffee is not roasted until an order is placed. Because of this, Iron Bean is one of the best and freshest tasting pre-ground coffees I have ever brewed.

The small pouch also makes the product simple to store at home and convenient to place in an outdoor pack to easily have a cup of coffee no matter where you are.

Open Questions about Prepper’s Coffee

Q: How do prepper store coffee?

A: There are several ways to store coffee. In sealed jars on the counter, in mylar bags, vacuum-sealed bags, or in their original packaging.

The best way to store coffee is in a waterproof, airtight container that is not subjected to moisture and placed in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight. 

Q: How quickly does coffee lose its taste? 

A: The “fresh” taste of coffee can be lost rather quickly. Whole beans retain freshness for up to a month or longer. But coffee can begin losing its taste just hours after being passed through a grinder. 

I have heard stories of coffee shops throwing coffee out if the grounds are not used within an hour of being processed. 

Q: Should coffee be stored in a refrigerator or freezer?

A: Through my experience and research, this seems to be a personal choice. If the coffee is sealed in a container and placed inside a freezer for long term storage, I think this will prolong its shelf life. But taking coffee in and out of a freezer or refrigerator to scoop out what you need is not the best idea. This process can repeatedly expose the coffee to more condensation and moisture, which is bad for its longevity.


Coffee has become one of those highly personalized drinks that everyone enjoys differently.

Some people simply want the caffeine fix and do nothing more than throw a few scoops of coffee into a hot mug of water.

While others are meticulous about the choice of beans, roasting, timeframes involved, and they may use specialized equipment for processing all of it.

As it relates to coffee and prepping, there are three areas people will fall into. 

Those wanting long term storage should stock instant or freeze-dried coffee, like Franklin’s Best because a shelf life of twenty years can be expected. 

For people solely concerned with freshness and taste, storing whole beans is going to be the best option. Though a little more work is involved in processing and roasting. Also, the freshness of the beans will not last forever.

Then there is a middle ground for people who want a good tasting coffee with a decent shelf life. This is where pre-ground coffee like a Maxwell House or Iron Bean Coffee Co brand comes into the picture.

No matter where you fall be sure to stock up on the coffee of your choice as well as the equipment needed so that you can always enjoy a hot cup of this delicious drink no matter what is happening in the world.

Thank you for reading and stay prepared!

What type of coffee do you like to store in your preps? Sound off in the comment section below and let us know!


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