Best Beans For Prepping: Top 4 Expert Picks

Beans can be easily overlooked as a food item to have, but given how nutritious they are, it would be a great idea to have a healthy supply of them stocked away in a pantry.  

Beans are rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber. They also have properties that can help maintain healthy bodily functions. 

However, one downside of consuming too many beans frequently is digestive discomfort and an increase in intestinal gas. 

Generally, there are two different types of beans that a prepper will want to have. Dried beans and canned beans. Let’s take a closer look at these two options. 

Types of Beans to Store

Canned Beans 

Canned beans have a couple of great things going for them. Some of those are:

  • They are extremely affordable. 
  • Sold in almost every food store. 
  • Canned beans can be stored right away after purchase.
  • They store for years. Many canned beans have a best by date of one to two years from the purchase date. However, when stored safely they may remain good far beyond their best by date. 
  • They can be eaten right from the can or warmed up

The main downside to canned beans is that they may not be as nutritious as dried beans. Additionally, some canned beans may contain unhealthy additives. 

Dried Beans 

These are beans that have been picked, put through a cleaning process, and dried. 

Some stores offer a large variety of dried beans which gives a range of options to people wanting to pick and choose.

Dried beans can be a great choice to have because

  • They will provide good nutrition
  • Are easy to store
  • Affordable, especially when bought in bulk
  • A small number of beans will make a filling meal

The main downside to dried beans is that they cannot be used right away. Oftentimes, they need to be soaked for many hours before they can be cooked. 


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