Basic Guide to Taser Guns & Stun Guns

Did you know you can find stun guns for sale starting as low as $10. The world of self-defense is evolving at all times, with new technology being introduced to the market on a regular basis that improves the ability of citizens to protect themselves against assaults, robberies, and other crimes. These improvements are unbelievably helpful for self-protection, and it means that you have many options available to you nowadays. As incredible as this is, it can also be overwhelming: How do you know what to choose?


Two favored self-defense weapons are the Taser and the stun gun. These electric devices make it easy to remain safe, but, if you’re unsure of how they differ, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you. Let’s explore just what makes each great and different from the other.



Stun Guns versus Taser Guns

While the two are used interchangeably, there is a difference between stun guns and taser guns. While both emit high-voltage, low-amperage charges that incapacitate aggressors without causing serious harm, the two differ in how they emit their charges. Here are the main ways they differ and what makes each great:


Pros and Cons of Taser Guns

Taser Guns for Sale

Taser guns tend to be the premier choice of police officers around the U.S., providing a less-lethal option that can be used to incapacitate and temporarily paralyze highly violent individuals for safe apprehension.


The upside to this self-defense tool is that it provides users with the quality of distance: Users can fire engaged electrodes from a distance rather than having to be in direct contact with a violent individual. This means that distance can be kept between you and an aggressive person, so they will be incapacitated when the electrodes come into contact with their skin.


The only downside to Tasers is their price tag, which might be too high for some people. But if you can manage to budget for the device, it is well worth implementing as a self-defense tool, as its range and power make it the perfect tool to remain safe under any circumstance.


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Pros and Cons of Stun Guns

Stun Guns for Sale

Stun guns are a great option for anyone looking for an affordable form of self-defense, providing a handheld tool that can be immediately utilized to stop an aggressor in their tracks. Their difference compared to Tasers, though, comes down to distance. Stun guns are handheld devices that do not have fired electrodes. The electrodes are contained within the device itself, meaning that a stun gun must be thrust into a person for it to work.


The downside here is that you, as a user, must then come in contact with an aggressor, which would be an uncomfortable spot for most. But the device still works very well. The high-voltage output is still sure to incapacitate an aggressor.


But, while having this downside, stun guns tend to be smaller than Tasers, making them a better investment for people who are usually on the go.


Taser Guns & Stun Guns for Sale – How to Choose Between Them


Choosing between a Taser and a stun gun requires some research and consideration on your own end, as you’ll want to find the device that fits your exact needs. But what do those considerations look like? Here are some things to consider when choosing the stun gun right for you:

  • What are your regular activities? Are you someone who would prefer carrying a smaller device on you due to an active lifestyle?
  • Are you someone who would prefer keeping distance between you and a potential aggressor?
  • How much voltage output do you want out of your device?
  • Would you prefer a device that allows you to shoot electrodes versus having to hit someone with a self-defense tool?
  • Would you prefer an affordable device over a top-shelf one?
  • Do you want a device that is reusable and does not require the reloading of electrodes for use?


Types of Stun Guns for Sale

  • Rectangle stun gun
  • Comfortable grip stun gun
  • Flashlight stun gun
  • Nightstick stun gun
  • Cell phone case stun gun
  • Pink mini stun guns

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Know the Laws

When using a stun gun, you need to understand that there are laws to consider—and that these laws vary between states. Laws related to citizen use of Taser guns and stun guns are similar to those of actual guns, considering that these are still considered weapons. Moreover, some states will vary in how these devices may be used, including what defines self-defense versus assault when using a stun gun or Taser on another person.


Unsure of your state’s position on stun guns and Tasers? Check Here


If you didn’t see your state on this list, consider researching what their restrictions are.



Consider Other Alternatives

While you may be considering a Taser or stun gun, think about the other options available to you. If you’re looking for a self-defense tool that provides distance, you could always rely on a stun baton, tactical flashlight, or pepper spray; if you’re looking for a compact device, you could always rely on a handheld keychain device like a kubotan. There are enough options that you’re not limited to just one choice.


Think About What You Need

Choosing the right self-defense weapon solely lies on what your needs are and what you want for your protection. Affordability could be your priority, or you may just want a device that allows you to keep your distance. Or maybe you’ll be willing to take whatever works and keeps you safe. Whatever it is, there is a self-defense tool out there that can keep you safe against aggressors and criminals. Consider doing your research to find the tool that works for you.


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