Authentic Focaccia: No-knead, one-bowl, slow-rise.

When I’m just not sure what to make, I tend to always make this focaccia. Mostly because I can serve it as an accompaniment to almost anything or serve it as the main event topped with tomatoes, cheese, cured meat, olives, or anything else my heart desires. So it’s both a leading role and a supporting actor. It’s rich but humble. It’s salty and (made with einkorn flour) buttery.

Do I ever love bread.

I was taught to make this specific recipe by Carla from Jovial Foods in Italy and am ever thankful she sent me home with a small piece of her old, well-proven starter. I prefer this bread made with sourdough because of it’s digestive elements and lively nature, but it can be done with yeast if you don’t have an active starter. If you don’t have einkorn flour, use the flour of your choice, but einkorn will give you the best result. Bust out your digital scale for this one and your bread will instantly improve ten-fold.

*In the video, I MISPOKE the measurements of my sourdough starter feeding! Once a week, I feed my 20 grams of remaining starter 50 grams of water and 100 grams of flour. 1/2 ratio.*

See video details or this page for the exact recipe. I hope you enjoy!


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