Are Slingshots Worth Worth Owning? Survival 101

A slingshot is not talked about much in the outdoor community because firearms and bows take the spotlight. 

This is understandable as they are far more effective at propelling a projectile. 

But firearms and bows can be quite expensive to purchase and shoot. 

A much cheaper alternative is a slingshot. But are they worth owning? 

To answer that question, I wanted to quickly go over some of the key features of a slingshot. 

Slingshot’s Features to Consider


Most slingshots are fairly cheap and can be picked up at most sporting goods stores or even some big box stores for around $20. 

However, slingshots are like anything else in that you can spend however little or however much money you want on them. I have seen them priced lower than $20 as well as $150 or more. 

I would suggest starting on the low end to see if this is an activity you would enjoy and then move up from there.   


To become proficient in their use, shooting a slingshot does require practice. 

But its operation is so straightforward that almost anyone across a wide age range can pick one up and begin shooting it right away.

Reusable Ammunition 

Similar to a bow and arrow, once a slingshot has been shot, the ammunition can be collected and immediately used again. 


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