ApeSurvival StrikeLight Review: Hands-On Experience

I remember a time when there were only a handful of different types of flashlights to choose from. Nowadays, they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are just flashlights whiles others have become a multitool of sorts. 

The latter certainly describes the product I recently tested out. In this article, I will be reviewing the Strikelight offered by ApeSurvival. It is a flashlight, impact tool, and glass breaker all in one. Let’s jump right in and see what this piece of gear has to offer.

Strikelight Specifications


Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, the Strikelight is lightweight, stainless, and rustproof. 


Upon arrival, the Strikelight is 14 inches long but can be extended to 18 inches.

The Light

The bright CREE LED is powered by 3 AAA batteries and has three different light modes. Full beam, half beam, and strobe. An adjustable zoom gives more control over the size of the beam 

The Frame

A beveled edge around the lens gives one area of striking ability. The adjustable zoom also acts as a means of extending the length of the Strikelight, providing further reach. Along the extension tube is a series of points that can be used for gripping or as another striking area.

Glass Breaker

On the bottom of the handle is a silver-tipped glass breaker.

Wrist Strap 

A wrist strap is also provided to make sure the light always stays in your grasp. 

Strikelight Review: Hands-on Field Test 

As you may be able to tell from the above description, the Strikelight is a flashlight, impact tool, and glass breaker all in one with a design that is certainly, unique.

The Light 

The flashlight has three different modes. A high beam, low beam, and a strobe mode. A small brass button on the handle cycles through the different modes. I was unable to find out how many lumens the light is and while it is not the brightest flashlight I have owned, it will do the job.  

The forward portion of the frame acts as both an adjustable zoom for the light and to extend the frame. 

By twisting this part counter-clockwise, it becomes unlocked and the beam can be adjusted. There is a very narrow area in which to adjust the zoom but when the right amount of zoom is desired, it can be locked back into place by twisting the frame clockwise. 

When the light is zoomed in all of the ways (the beam is focused into a small area) an odd-looking design is projected by the light. This design appears to be the outline of the LED. I found this to be an annoying feature of the zoom.

The flashlight button is also ultra-sensitive and it doesn’t take much pressure when handling the light for the different modes to be changed. 

The Glass Breaker 

At the bottom of the handle is the glass breaker. Most of these types of tools I have seen form a sharp tip. This one however looks more like a very small ball bearing that is round. 


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