An Uncensored Peek Inside a Prepper’s Pantry

My friends and family get caught off guard by me sometimes. “Can I get a picture of your prepper’s pantry for an article I’m writing”?  The first few times I asked this, the response was the same, an indulging smile followed by an awkward silence. The hesitation, which is totally understandable, was that they felt their prepper’s pantries weren’t picture perfect (aka Pinterest perfect). After I explained the name of the article and the idea behind it the pictures started coming in.

There are some beautiful food storage pantries on Pinterest. They are fun to look at with their top of the line shelving systems, all containers matching, completely organized, alphabetized, and every square inch professionally labeled. However, it’s a small minority of the prepper community that has Pinterest perfect pantries.

My idea in writing this article is to show some examples of ordinary, imperfect prepper’s pantries. We all have different budgets, skill sets, space, tastes, and have started at different times. I feel lucky to know so many preppers and enjoy seeing the differences in their food storage preps. Hopefully, you too will enjoy getting an uncensored peek inside these pantries and they’ll inspire you with ideas for your prepper’s pantry.

Prepper’s Pantry Pictures

Prepper's pantries - Dust - prepper's pantry

In the photo above, you may have noticed that the canned food is stored upside down. The reason for this is when dust falls it will collect on the bottom of the can. Some basements have problems with rodents that scurry over the tops of cans. When it’s time to use the canned food, it’s flipped over an opened.

Prepper's Pantry - water on the floor

In the photo above, you may have noticed that the plastic buckets are stored at the bottom of the shelving and the cans are stored above. This protects the food storage from water that leaks into the basement.

Prepper's Pantry - Food Storage Images

The rail (plastic pipe) that you see in the photo above is to protect the food from falling in the event of an earthquake. To see more pictures of the pantry above visit Deals to Meals.

Prepper's Pantry - Food Storage Pictures

Shelving makes it easier to rotate, organize, and gain access your food storage. The shelving in the photo above is one of the simplest and cheapest Do-It-Yourself projects.

Prepper's Pantry - Enclosed Cupboards

You don’t need a basement or extra bedroom to start a food storage pantry. The photo above is of a large hallway lined with closing cabinets.

Long term food supply - Prepper's Pantry - Food Storage Images

There are 3 major categories of food storage. They are short-term, long-term, and a water supply. Can you spot the long-term food storage (hint: there’s some on 3 out of the 5 rows)? It’s important to know the difference and have a good variety.

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Short Term & Long Term Food Supply

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Prepper's Pantry - Food Storage Images

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