Altoids Tin Survival Kit: How-To, What To Include

Repurposing containers is sort of my passion. So, making a small survival kit out of an Altoids tin is right up my alley. 

In case you don’t know, Altoids are tasty mints that can be picked up wherever candy is sold. If you have never tried them, I suggest picking up a pack the next time you are out.

If you have tried them, you know they come in a sturdy little tin with a hinged lid. 

After the contents have been eaten all up, people either throw the tin away or use it for storing loose change in their car.

But another popular option is to use the tin as an easy and discreet way of carrying a small survival kit. 

What You Should Know About Small Kits

There are a lot of these types of kits floating around out there and while I like them, I also dislike them. 

It is not so much that I dislike the items in the kit as much as I dislike the mentality of these as survival kits.

I do not like to think of these as survival kits but rather organizers. 

No way no how should anyone think they are prepared by setting off into the woods, or any other environment, with this as their primary source of gear. That kind of mentality is a disaster waiting to happen. 

For me, these little kits are a backup to my backup supplies or a means of carrying a small amount of items in an organized fashion all of the time.

For example, when you go out for a night on the town you will most likely not be carrying your BOB on your back, although it is a good idea to carry supplies in a vehicle. 

But a kit like the Altoids tin can help to serve small scale needs. 


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