A Root Cellar Tour (full & complete!)

Come along on my root cellar tour – here’s what our years worth of food looks like! Now that it’s finished, we were finally able to take you through the entire root cellar (full and complete!). Come see our food storage in its many forms: canning, dehydrating, fermenting, and more. NOT INCLUDED: all the meat that we keep up in chest freezers in our barn.

As you can see, though the space isn’t perfect, it’s certainly come a long way This time of year – when we get the oppurtunity to step back and see all of our world piled into one place – is emotional.

Oh if these jars could talk. They would tell of early morning weeding before the sun came up. The would tell of sweat dripping down in the summer sun from the day’s labor. They would tell of spiders and earwigs and rogue chickens, cool nights, and warm days.

They would tell the story of our farm. And they do. A perfect reflection of this sliver of time right here on The Elliott Homestead.

Here are a few of the preserving recipes we mentioned in the video.

  1. Oil-packed tomatoes
  2. Homemade flavored salts
  3. Sour-pickles
  4. Flower tea

Also, if you’d like to see how we store our carrots and beets to last all winter, checkout this helpful video from last year.

AND – if you need even more preservation inspiration besides the root cellar tour, you can browse all my past preserving recipes right here.


Is it winter yet?

The end.


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