A Few Last Minute Preps To Make If An Event Is Brewing

If you’ve felt like you should be more prepared than you are for an event that could happen, you probably aren’t alone. With the number of hurricanes striking the east coast and the fires ravaging the west coast during a pandemic, it’s important to have a few ideas as to how to prepare for anything, especially if you feel something else is still brewing.

If your ut instinct is telling you that something is coming, make sure you as up your car, charge electronic devices, and double-check your bug out bag is in working order and things aren’t missing from it. Put together a quick car survival bag if you haven’t yet. Grab some extra batteries and make sure flashlights and lighters work.

If you feel like your preparedness skills or times are not quite up to snuff, now is the time to make sure you’ve o what you need for any upcoming event! This preparedness guide can get you prepped, step-by-step, and is considered by many to be an essential item on their preparedness shelves.


The first foods to consider storing are those that last for almost a lifetime. There are many, such as vinegar, liquor, and bouillon cubes. These things can be bartered or used to preserve food, so they are great thins to stock up on right now.

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You will also want to grab some dried beans and rice, as well as some peanut butter and healthy cooking oil (olive oil or coconut oil.) You cannot really have too much of any of these, and keep in mind, as mentioned, these items can be bartered. Because of the panic buying of toilet paper, we decided to stock up and now have enough for everyone in the vicinity.  This can also be a great way to barter.


Be sure you have an adequate way to filer water. You may have some stored, but once you’re out, in order to drink the water, you’ll want a decent filter. Life Straws work great and come highly recommended by most who have used them. Try to create a rainwater collection system as well. 

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Get some candles, and lighters especially if those you’ve checked are low on fluid, old, or don’t work.  I’ve bought brand new lighters that don’t spark but have fuel in them.  In this case, use a firestarter to create a spark so you don’t waste the fuel. Consider soaking cotton balls in vaseline to create a ball that will easily ignite to help you get a fire going. Stock up on things like firewood and make sure you get some fresh fruits and vegetables at the store. If you don’t think you’ll eat them all, can them for consumption during the winter when vegetables won’t be growing.

As well, consider essential preparedness gear for light preparedness and communication in an off-grid event. Here are some items that we used in a recent off-grid event.


In order to be prepared for a devastating event that could destroy your homes, such as an earthquake or hurricane, you’ll want to have a bug out bag ready to go with provisions for your whole family. You can learn to make a quick shelter, put some mylar sleeping bags in there and be sure there’s some food and a LifeStraw or something similar so you can eat and drink.

If you feel like something is incoming, you are not alone. Many are unsure of what the future holds and one of the best ways to decrease the worry and fear is to be ready the best you can for anything.  These few quick last minute preps can at least help you feel prepared as we live through uncertain times.


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This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on October 5th, 2020


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