96: So You DON’T Want to be a Homesteader

Farming.  It’s not for everyone, but we’ve had some requests on how to bring all the farmy feels into life ‘in town’.  Today Angela and Shaye are sharing with you the little changes we made on our own homes and routines long before we each had a dairy cow.  Farming was our dream, it’s not everyone’s dream… but who doesn’t love a breeze blowing thru an open window and a farm-fresh egg.  Join us today as we give our best ideas on all the farm vibes from home decor to stocking your fridge, no matter where you live.

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The Cooking Community was created for all the women out there who are needing some motivation to thrive in their kitchen.  Each month, I create five brand new whole-food based recipes from my cottage kitchen. You can grow in confidence in your skills and feel peace in knowing that these recipes are nourishing you and your family. 

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