94: We’re PRO Procrastinators! – The Elliott Homestead

It’s not you.  It’s us.
OK, maybe it’s you too.  We’re in this TOGETHER and today we are looking at procrastination with our Thursday panties on.  Do we need to grow up?  Own it?  Make changes and move FORWARD in this area?  We do. 
Do you?

PS: Angela finally called the dentist.

Don’t procrastinate on cueing the wine music!
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Today’s episode of the podcast is also brought to you by The Elliott Homestead Cooking Community. That’s The Cooking Community was created for all the women out there who are needing some motivation to thrive in their kitchen. It’s easy to get discouraged when you’re feeling uninspired or underskilled – when you’re in the ditch of serving the same thing over and over again and not finding joy in preparing food for you or your friends or your family. The Cooking Community is here to help you feel joy and inspiration in your kitchen once again! Each month, I create five brand new whole-food based recipes from my cottage kitchen. You can grow in confidence in your skills and feel peace in knowing that these recipes are nourishing you and your family. I’m here to help you learn to bake! Learn to use sourdough! Learn to roast meats! Learn to preserve and enjoy new vegetables! Learn to try new ingredients! And to fall in love with cooking again. I want you to visit (link in show notes if you need it) and select what exclusive membership level fits your home best. 


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