8 NUTS Low In Carbs For Keto Diet Snacks

How many carbs / carbohydrates in nuts? Can I eat nuts on the Keto diet? Why do I ask? Well, first this…

I am somewhere in-between the Keto and Carnivore diet. Some call it Ketovore. It has literally been life changing (for the better!) switching my body energy source over from sugar/glucose to fat burning. One’s excess fat weight comes off quick.

I’m not going to get into the diet itself here (there’s tons of info online – check out Dr. Ken Berry on YT). Briefly, and with regards to carbs / carbohydrates, the Carnivore diet is zero carbs. The Keto diet allows up to 20 grams of carbs on a given day. Both enable the body to switch over to Ketones for energy (a state of Ketosis) which burns fat as fuel.

I told myself that when I get down to my goal (my weight when I was in my 20’s), I would transition from Carnivore to Keto or somewhere in-between. This opens up more foods and nutrition sources. Though one needs to count the carbs so as to stay in Ketosis (fat burning mode).

So now that I’m there, I wondered if I could eat any nuts. Nuts contain healthy fats and some protein. I like nuts. I like peanut butter (one of my weaknesses!). But if I want to keep my daily intake of carbs below 20 grams, I had to do some online research about nuts and carbs.

So I used that research as an excuse to do an article post…because there’s bound to be someone who lands on this later on from a web search who may find it helpful 🙂

How Many Carbs / Carbohydrates in Nuts?

List of Best Nuts for Keto:

Ordered from best (least carbs) to good (still okay) in quantities of 1/4 cup serving size. Note that most lists are per 100 grams weight. But I wanted to normalize to 1/4 cup volume, since that makes more sense to me.

Amount = 1/4 cup of nuts. I favored shelled / whole nuts or halves (rather than chopped) in my data analysis since that’s what I’m likely to snack on.

Total Carbs – Dietary Fiber = Net Carbs

PECANS (3.7 – 2.6 = 1.1)

BRAZIL NUTS (4.3 – 2.6 = 1.7)

MACADAMIA NUTS (4.6 – 2.9 = 1.7)

WALNUTS (4.1 – 2 = 2.1)

HAZLENUTS (5.6 – 3.3 = 2.3)

ALMONDS (6.7 – 4.1 = 2.6)

PEANUTS (5.9 – 3.1 = 2.8)

PINE NUTS (4.4 – 1.2 = 3.2)

Avoid These Nuts on Keto Diet:

PISTACHIO (8.6 – 3.3 = 5.3)

CASHEW (10 – 1 = 9)

source: USDA


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