6 Tools to Survive Anything

Some tools are so versatile you can’t even begin to list all of the things they are useful for. In fact, 9 times out of 10, you won’t even know what you’ll need them for until it happens. Here are the 6 tools every self-respecting prepper should have in large quantities and always have available.

My Six Picks

Duct Tape

The fame of duct tape has taken on a life of it’s own. What can you even say about it? (or it’s big brother Gorilla Tape, from the folks that brought you Gorilla Glue)

A few useful ideas include:

  • Securing items together
  • Making rope
  • Making carrying handles
  • Patching material
  • Can even be used as a fire starter!

Survival Gear Zip TiesZip Ties

From handcuffs to lashings and a thousand other ways to tie stuff together, you should have a stockpile of zip ties in every shape and size.

If you want the most out of your zip ties be sure to invest in quality ones and not the cheap ones you find bundled together at the hardware store.

A few useful ideas include:

  • Securing labels or tags to gear and containers
  • Make an improvised zipper pull
  • Use it to keep rope or cordage organized

Survival Gear WD-40WD40

“If it moves and it shouldn’t; use Duct Tape.  If it should move and it doesn’t; use WD40”

A few useful ideas include:

  • Can remove some adhesives and glues ( like duct tape residue)
  • Helps to unkink metal chains


Survival Gear Rope

For those larger jobs that zip ties and duct tape just aren’t going to handle good rope is endlessly useful.

A few useful ideas include:

  • Creating a firepit tripod
  • Bundle firewood together to make carrying easier
  • Create a pulley system
  • Secure items to vehicles


A knife is the bread and butter (pun intended) of every survival tool kit. You really should have one on your person at all times.

A few useful ideas include:

  • food preparation
  • self-defense
  • Used for crafting other tools
  • Opening the packaging of all your supplies

Pry Bar

Stanley Fuctional Utility Bar

Pry bar or Utility Bar. You can pry, hammer, lift, smash, and just generally mess stuff up. (I need to do a full write up on the Stanley Functional Utility Bar or “FUBAR”)

A few useful ideas include:

  • Pounding stakes or hardware
  • Removing hardware as well as breaking it
  • As a lever for moving objects

What Else?

What other tools are so useful? So manly? If you have others you think should be on this list leave a comment and let us know.

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