6 Budget-Friendly Prepper Items You Need To Buy in September  

As autumn rapidly approaches, it’s important to change gears and keep our preparedness plans up to snuff. With supply chain disruptions still ongoing and the sporadic items missing from shelves all across the country, there’s no better time to grab what you when it does finally appear.

Here is what I personally chose to grab and will continue through the end of September.

Organic All-Natural Peanut Butter – the choices for this are very limited.  Most of the peanut butter on the market has enough added to sugar to give me diabetes just thinking about it! But we have been able to procure Adam’s brand peanut butter, at a higher cost than the sugar-laden brands. We can also still get the crunchy version of peanut butter, which is my son’s favorite.

Dried Beans – We got what we could, which were lentils, green split peas, and black beans. We already have these things stocked up, but these will give your family a punch of nutrition if you have to dig into them and they are still relatively cheap. Not only that, but they will store for over a decade if you store them correctly.

Toilet Paper – we all should have learned our lesson from the toilet paper shortage of 2020.  People were so panicked, they actually called the police because they couldn’t find anything to wipe with at the store.  Stock up now. Prices on paper products will never be lower and you don’t want to be in a situation that many were in back in 2020.

Over the Counter Medications – These are increasing in price, so pick up extra first aid supplies and over-the-counter cold medications, and pain reliever. I have been grabbing Neosporin and antiseptic sprays as well as gauze and hydrogen peroxide.  The peroxide, particularly, goes quickly in my area.

Potatoes and Onions – If stored properly these can last all winter. On the last trip I made to my local store, there were no potatoes, and I bought the last 5 yellow onions. Pay attention when there are things low in stock or out of stock.  That can be a good clue as to what to grab when you see it next.

Canning Jars, Lids, and Rings – These have flown off the shelves in the aftermath of the pandemic declaration last year.  There were about 8 months when most people just simply couldn’t get canning jars or the lids. Now, whether I need them or not, I grab them if I see them.  These can probably be bartered too if I don’t use them all to can my vegetables this autumn.

Items Needed For Your Homestead Critters – Dog Food and cat food are going up in price too, so grab an extra bag for your furry friends you can.  If you have ducks, get more food for them.  We also made sure to buy 200 pounds of sugar for our honeybees, just in case the shelves are wiped out.  That should last us for some time. Remember, these animals and critters help us survive, so we need to remember them when stock up!

What have you picked up in August and what will you be buying in September to add to your prepper supply?

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on September 1st, 2021


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