3 Types of Lighting You’ll Want in an Emergency

There are different types of lighting you’ll want in an emergency. These types slightly differ from the lights we primarily use. In a modern home, there are three common types of lighting: overhead lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. These lights become useless in the event of a power outage. So emergency backup lighting is important to consider. 

Emergency backup lighting is a light source that is usually portable and uses some sort of battery. For example, solar and crank lanterns store energy on a battery. In the prepper world, there are three types of emergency light: task lighting, area lighting, and a spotlight.

3 Types of Lighting You’ll Want in an Emergency

Types of Lighting You'll Want in an Emergency

Task Lighting

Task Lighting - Types of Emergency Lighting

Headlamps are no longer just for miners and cave adventures. They are very popular in the prepper world. Headlamps fall in the emergency task lighting category. It’s helpful to have a hands-free, ultra bright lighting option during a power outage so that you can build a shelter, prepare food, make repairs, find a tool, or see your path when the lights go out. The picture features a Vont Headlamp. It produces 200 lumens of brightness.


Area Lighting

Power outages are common during natural disasters. It’s helpful to have a light source to brighten an entire room making it more comfortable. A great feature of lanterns is their ability to be hung. Overhead lighting has a greater reach of illumination, making it a great resource if several people need to use the same light. The picture features a Vont Lantern. It produces 140 lumens of brightness.



Emergency lighting option - Spotlight offgrid light

Torches or flashlights are essential when a spotlight is needed. They are typically brighter than a lantern or headlight, but it doesn’t illuminate a room very well, and it’s NOT hands-free. The benefits are that they tend to last a lot longer and have an intensely bright focused beam. There are several survival uses for a flashlight, such as searching compact spaces, finding small objects, illuminating distance, blinding an assailant, and signaling others. The picture features a Vont Flashlight. It produces 400 lumens of brightness. 


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3 Types of Lighting You'll Want in an Emergency



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Types of Lighting You'll Want in an Emergency - Vont Lantern, Vont Headlamp, Vont Flashlight - power outage lights

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