2020 Trump – Biden Presidential Debate Postmortem

Wow. What a circus. Though I did watch it for the entertainment value, what a joke. Sad for America.

I would hardly call it a presidential debate. It was anything but presidential. Yesterday I said that I thought it might be “cringe” worthy. Well, it certainly was. But not so much in the way that I expected.

I thought that Biden would embarrass himself to the extent of cringe. Although his mental acuity decline was apparent, he did not make any major gaffs.

The thing that was making me cringe the most was Trump’s demeanor. His constant interrupting and sniping. His lack of self-control in that regard. He was angry. Mad. This is what most viewers were focused on… Trump’s appearance of being the “bully”.

Listen, we need a strong person in the White House. Trump is a strong man and evidently takes no $hit. However his apparent lack of self-discipline towards how he appears – will hurt him to an extent.

Biden on the other hand, is a weak, empty, dumb, puppet. When he said “I AM the democrat party”, I laughed out loud. He is a marionette for his socialist, marxist, globalist controllers.

Back to Trump… One thing I liked about the man way back in 2015 / 2016 was his brashness. His wrecking-ball persona. The outsider not afraid to say uncomfortable truths in a swamp filled with loathsome slimy creatures. I still like that about him.

However my goodness… can you hold it together during a “Presidential” debate? It’s one thing to whip up a crowd during a rally where most everyone there is an ally. However it’s another thing while presenting to the nation (world) when both sides are watching and listening! It’s a different animal… a different situation to be aware of.

Yes, I get it. He has been raked over the coals for 4 years. ALL of mainstream has been against him. What horrible odds. So he’s bitter. Angry. Mad. Who wouldn’t be? Who among us could have held our own during this constant attack?

I wish that Trump would have let Biden simply speak his empty minded thoughts (uninterrupted) during each of the 2 minute segments. Let Biden show the world his dumbness (which he did to an extent). Instead, pretty much the entire “debate” was not a debate at all. It was a shootout of accusations.

Did we find out anything from each of their future plans for America? Not much.

A few points that stick out in my mind:

  • Trump apparently unleashed Covid on the world and all fallout thereof, including all deaths and the current faltering economy, is his fault.
  • We will be off “fossil fuels” by 2035? (apparently jet liners will become all electric? / sarc).
  • The “Green New Deal” will cost about $100 Trillion? (Hey, whatever… just print more money).
  • “Everything” Trump says is a lie.
  • “Will you shut up man?”
  • Trump indicated that we might not know who the real winner is for “months” due to the legality issues with probable mail-in ballot fraud. (This will cause unbelievable chaos if things stretched out to this extent in my opinion)

Do I think this “debate” (which it wasn’t) changed anyone’s mind? No. We are so terribly divided already that none of this matters in my view. I can’t imagine there are any “fence sitters” at this point.

My Takeaway

In short, the contrast between presidential choices remain incredibly evident. Continue the battle against the swamp rats and globalist/marxist takeover, or give up and give in to the overthrow of the Republic as it were.

Trump did not help himself last night.

Biden did help himself, given the bar was so low…

Today there are 33 days left, at which time we will enter a new period of turmoil in this country as the presidency will be in question. The longer it drags out afterwards, the worse things will get. The democrats have a clear plan to seize power (information sourced via multiple sources beyond the mainstream – Bongino is on top of this too).

If the marxist side manages to pull it off, their changes to our lives will be magnanimous. We will enter the most tumultuous time of our lives as their oppression, regulation, and taxation will strip you of your livelihood and liberty. The greatest depression of all time will take firm hold as we enter a period of time likened to “The Hunger Games” whereby social class will be whittled down to the elites and the serfs. No one in-between.

That’s my opinion.



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