10 Tips to Enjoy Camping this Season

It is possible to enjoy camping. It’s a love for many people, filling up campsites all over the United States. In fact, ‘camping in style’ is the hottest traveling trend, also known as glamping. It’s an enticing idea to adventure to the outdoors in comfort and style. Whether you are new to the world of camping or a seasoned pro, spice up your camping experience.

Regardless of where you are camping or how long your trip is, you will need food, shelter, and key pieces of equipment when planning for a camping adventure. 

Many first-time campers pack an unsuitable tent and sleeping bag for the season, try to live off of trail mix, and have no idea what to do once they get into the wild. The lack of planning can really make or break your experience in nature. Revitalizing your camping setup can make a big difference. Having the right camping equipment will ensure that you are comfortable whenever you go exploring the great outdoors.

Let’s take a look at ten tips you should focus on to enjoy camping.


10 Tips to Enjoy Camping

10 Tips to Enjoy Camping this Season - Canvas Tent

1. Upgrade Your Tent

There is a big difference between sleeping in a 3-person hiking tent versus a 6-person canvas tent when it comes to comfort. If you are not hiking, then bigger is better. Canvas tents are much taller, allowing you to stand up, walk around in them, roomy enough to get dressed easily, typically has room for a camping heater, offer more privacy, and greater protection from the elements. 

Did you know that a tent typically needs to be replaced every five years? Consider upgrading your tent. When you are selecting a new tent, you will want to choose something suitable for the type of camping you will be doing. If you are camping with a family and driving to your campsite, a larger heavy tent is likely to be more enjoyable. On the other hand, if you have plans to hike between multiple campsites, you will need a compact, lightweight option. Be sure to choose a tent designed for the environment and weather conditions that you will be camping in to ensure that your shelter offers the most significant protection.


2. Select the Right Sleeping Equipment

The warmer you are at night, the better you’ll sleep! Camping gear for sleeping has come a long way over the past few years. Sleeping bags are becoming warmer and more comfortable, alongside becoming increasingly compact and lightweight. Sleeping bags come in a range of different warmth levels, with 1-Season, 2-Season, 3-Season, and 4-Season bags available. There are also different shapes, with rectangular and mummy generally being the most popular. A Down 4-Season Sleeping Bag is going to be the warmest option. 

Having a ground insulator is critical to a good night’s sleep. They provide protection from the hard lumpy ground and separate you from the cold ground. Sleeping mats have a range of sizes, warmth levels, and styles. They vary from self-inflating, thermal-lined to rolled foam mats. Cots are also an excellent option to get you further from the ground. 


3. Make Delicious Campfire Meals

Part of having a great time anywhere you travel is eating differently than you would at home. Having a delicious campfire meal can definitely add enjoyment to the camping experience. There is nothing quite like a meal cooked over an open fire on a cast iron pan!

The Outdoor Boys made the video above. Visit their channel for more outdoor related videos.

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Check the rules to whichever area you choose for your campsite location. Some locations do not allow campfires. If that is the case, then camping stoves are available in a range of different styles and setups. From modern stoves that can boil a liter of water in just two and a half minutes in challenging conditions to simple gas burners, the choice is endless. 

When you choose a camping stove, it’s important to consider what you will be cooking. If you will primarily be heating up dehydrated meals and making tea on backpacking trips, then a self-contained, lightweight stove will be perfect. If you see yourself frying up fish for the family, you may need a larger system. Take some time to weigh up your options so you can find a solution that will meet your needs and budget.


4. Pack Plenty of Water 

Emergency Water Supplies Wagon

To enjoy camping, bring drinking water from home. It’s easier and less hassle than filtering lake or river water. Feeling lightheaded and tired are signs of dehydration. Feeling like this can quickly kill the fun of any adventure, so be sure you and your family stay hydrated. If you wonder how much water to pack, consider at least one gallon of water per person per day. You will need clean water for prepping meals, drinking, and hygiene. Consider packing water bottles, thermoses, and a washbasin for dishes. You may also want to bring hot cocoa packets and hydration powder packets as well.


5. Learn an Outdoor Survival Skill

fire making

Depending on how long you choose to camp, you will have some time on your hands. So why not take some time to learn a new skill. Learning new things gives us a sense of accomplishment and deepens our confidence in feeling capable of handling whatever life throws at us. Here are some outdoor skills building ideas:

  • knot tieing
  • using a compass
  • building fire techniques
  • woodcarving
  • learning the names of stars
  • sharpening a knife
  • marking a trail


6. Plan Outdoor Games

Physical activity is a great way to pump up endorphins, create memories, and enjoy your time in the outdoors. You can pack lawn games, a volleyball or soccer ball, and paddleboards for the lake. Here are some ideas:


7. Go on a Hike

Make it an adventure and go exploring! Let’s face it; we could all benefit from slowing down and reconnecting to nature. Research the area where you’ll be camping and find a trail nearby. You can search trails based on difficulty, length, and rating so you’ll know which would be a good fit for your group. Consider playing a nature scavenger hunt while hiking. It’s a great way to experience the many aspects of nature and have fun!

The Scavenger Hunt List above was made by The Pragmatic Parent. Visit their website for a printable download.


8. Bring Comfort

Yukon Bell Tent  – Elk Mountain Tents

Just ust because you’re in nature doesn’t me you have to be a minimalist. Sitting on logs gets uncomfortable after a while. Bring folding chairs and a folding table to play games plus eat meals. Pack a fan, Bluetooth speaker, board games, lanterns, a string of lights, heavy blankets, pillows, whatever speaks to your comfort level.



9.  Capture the Moments

10 Tips to Enjoy Camping

Capture the adventure by journaling, sketching, or clicking photos while camping. It’s a great reminder to have fun and make memories, so you have something to document. After 20 years of marriage, the only trips I remember taking are the ones I took photos of; it’s sad but true!



10. Bring a Collaspable Wagon 

Whether you are loading or unloading, it’s helpful to have a wagon to make trips from the campsite to your car with all your camping gear. It can be a lifesaver when taking kiddos on a nature hike, and they get too tired to walk back. Wagons are also helpful when heading to the lake for carrying towels, water bottles, sunscreen, floatation devices, sand toys, and folding chairs. They also make collecting firewood much easier! 


Below are several more tips for beginner campers. The YouTube video above was made by Useful Knowledge. Visit their channel for more how-to related videos.


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 10 Tips to Enjoy Camping - beginners guide to camping - glamping


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